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Personal Health Record (PHR)

Medscheme’s PHR promotes healthier and more productive lives.

Medscheme has developed a Personal Health Record (PHR) for members of our administered Schemes that is fully integrated with our managed care products. This record enables members to manage their own health by being informed, empowered and motivated.

The PHR has a wellness component which includes an integrated Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and rewards system designed to affect behaviour change. Our comprehensive HRA can be completed at multiple points of access, such as employer wellness days, pharmacy clinics and biokineticist practices in order to improve participation. An annual HRA is also promoted in order to ensure ongoing monitoring of risks at an individual and group level.

Self-monitoring of health is enabled through integration with wearable devices that track activity and biometric data that is seamlessly uploaded into the PHR.

Relevant information can be shared with the employee’s or beneficiary’s chosen healthcare provider to ensure that they receive the best possible care when needed.

To find out more about how you and your employees can benefit, send an email with your contact details to: phr@medscheme.co.za.

Medscheme: Personal Health Record Team

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