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Employee Benefit Programmes

We believe in our employees and value them as integral to the success of our company. Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is therefore aimed to attract, develop and retain top talent.


We strongly believe that in order to get the best out of our employees, we need to support and encourage their total wellbeing. Our Healthwise programme is developed to provide holistic wellness to our employees.

The Healthwise programme caters for the physical, emotional and financial wellbeing of our people. Our employees have access to face to face, telephonic and on-site counselling by trained professionals. In addition to this, we provide on-site physical exercise programmes, as well as personal finance training (budgeting, debt management, wills etc.)

The programme also ensures our managers build their capacity to identify distressed employees and refer them to the programme, to provide a platform where employees take ownership of their wellbeing.

Internal Referral Programme

We believe our employees know and live our values, while also understanding the business and industry in which we operate, as well as the competencies and quality of employee we want. As such, we provide our people with the opportunity to refer candidates for certain vacancies. Our employees have the opportunity to receive financial rewards for having candidates successfully placed within our business.

Learning & Performance Academy

We encourage our employees to learn on a continual basis and to be committed to their development. Furthermore, we strive to create a culture of learning and an environment that enables our people to acquire knowledge that can be applied to their jobs. Our people are encouraged to adopt innovative means of learning where traditional classroom based learning is supplemented with on the job training, e-learning and self-study.

The Learning and Performance Academy provides both internal and external learning programmes. Our Academy also provides several accredited courses for our employees allowing them to achieve credits towards obtaining formal qualifications.

The strategy for our Academy is to proactively partner with business to achieve performance objectives by delivering innovative learning experiences. Through our Learning and Performance Academy we want to enhance organisational capability and our competitive advantage.

Study Assistance Programme

We know that formal studies can be financially taxing, often this results in employees not being able to pursue their study aspirations. We offer our employees a Study Assistance Programme, which financially sponsors selected employees for the duration of their approved studies. The Study Assistance Programme is made available to the relevant employees according to the business strategy and priorities.

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