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15th Annual BHF Southern African Conference 2014

“Waves of Change. Oceans of Opportunity” The presentations for the BHF Southern African Conference, as well as the Global Healthcare… Read more

Value in IPAs

The vast majority of fulltime GPs have realised the importance of joining Independent Practitioners Associations (IPAs), according to Dr Tony Behrman,… Read more

Industry consolidation will ultimately benefit consumers

With 98 medical schemes serving some 10 million medical scheme beneficiaries, Medscheme CEO, André Meyer believes that further consolidation in… Read more

Providing quality healthcare

AFRICA’S growing need for quality and affordable healthcare services is spurring on the drive by healthcare service providers and institutions… Read more

Technology can help to reduce undue costs

ADVANCED technology is making it easier for medical scheme administrators and risk managers to bring down costs and integrated systems… Read more

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