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Lee R Callakoppen

Lee R Callakoppen

BA (Information Science)
BA Hons (Industrial Sociology)
Masters Degree (Human Resources Management)
Executive Director Human Capital & Transformation

Lee has extensive experience in HR and Operational Management, having worked at various industries including retail, telecommunications, media and healthcare.

Having achieved his degree in Information Science through the University of Johannesburg, he later qualified as an Industrial Sociologist in 1999 after completing his Honours. He then furthered his education in Business Management and completed the GIBS Global Executive Development Programme. More recently he successfully completed his Masters Degree in Human Resources, with his thesis focusing on the impact of rewards on motivation.

Lee held the position of HR Executive for the Primedia Content Division before joining Medscheme in 2007. As Executive Director: Human Capital and Transformation, Lee is currently responsible for continually focusing on transforming the organisational culture to enhance performance, learning and innovation and creating a fun an enabling working environment.

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